Regular membership is open to spouses of active duty U.S. officers. Associate membership is open to spouses of retired officers, spouses of civilians eligible for membership in the Officer’s Club, any single officer or civilian equivalent, spouses of Component Command Air Headquarters foreign officers, and the widows or widowers of officers. The ROSC Governing Board will make exceptions to the stated criteria on a case-by-case basis.

Dues Payment Policy

Annual membership dues will be based on a sliding scale to reflect the following:


Dues will be paid by check or cash once a year. The month the member joins is the member’s dues renewal month; i.e., if you join in July, you’ll renew the following July. Renewal reminders will be given by email. To cancel or resign a membership, please contact the Membership Chair at Any exceptions to the above policy will be handled by the Membership Chair and/or the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis. 

Membership Application – please download and print out the Membership Application, fill it out completely, and either bring the completed application to the next ROSC function with your membership fee (cash or check) or drop off the application in an envelope titled "Membership" into the mailbox outside of the ROSC office.

Dues Reimbursement Policy

If a member PCS’s within 6 months of joining or renewing their membership with ROSC, they may request in writing, along with a copy of their orders, a partial reimbursement of their membership fee.

Delinquent Renewals Date Policy

If a member is delinquent in paying their membership renewal fee, their renewal month will remain the same as their original membership date (i.e., if a member joined in April but didn’t renew until September, their next renewal date will again be April).

Name Tag Policy

Each new member is entitled to one name tag at the time of new membership. Any replacements will be the responsibility of the member.

Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies

It is the responsibility of each member to read the ROSC Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies. Links to these can be found below.

ROSC Constitution

ROSC Bylaws

ROSC Policies